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If you are facing any issues with your Mitashi TV or it is damaged due to an unknown reason then do not worry as you are at the best Mitashi LED LCD TV Repair Services in Bangalore i.e., Bharat Smart TV Repairs.

At Bharat Smart TV Repairs we provide reliable and the best technical service for your Mitashi TV which might be either LED, LCD, Plasma, or OLED. And when it comes to fixing your TV, we know that you would prefer only the best technicians working on it. A non-professional technician might not have the required skill set to fix your Mitashi LED LCD TV, in an effort to fix your TV they might worsen the problem.

Different types of Television in the Indian Market
There are four types of TVs in the Indian Market, namely LCD(Liquid Crystal Display), LED(Light Emitting Diode), Plasma TV, and the most ultra-modern OLED(Organic Light Emitting Diode) TV.

Some of the Common issues in LED LCD TV:

Backlight issues

Nowadays, Backlight illumination is one of the most common and widely identified issues in TVs. This happens because of the improper functioning of the backdrop illumination activity in your Mitashi LED LCD TV. In some cases, it could be due to misusing, electric vacillation, or rebooting.

TV Screen goes blank

The reason behind the TV Screen going blank is there might be issues in the power supply unit inside the LED TV. The task of the power supply unit is to receive the current and send it to all the other components of the LED TV. Due to the sudden surge in the input supply, the power supply unit develops issues in your Mitashi LED LCD TV.

Generally, the capacitors on the power supply board would have failed and this can be identified when you disassemble the LED or LCD TV set, you can easily see a leaking or bulging capacitor. To handle these types of faults you need to have an expert in soldering who can replace the capacitor, So choose Bharat Smart TV Repairs to sort all your problems and to have a perfect solution for your problem.

Showing up the horizontal line without any picture during the start-up

The main problem behind this issue is low signal strength in the set-top box cable that is connected to your Mitashi LED LCD TV. This problem would not be seen in the old television if you plug in the same set-top box cable, this is because the older TV sets require less input strength to work when compared to the new ones. To resolve this problem contact Bharat Smart TV Repairs.

TV plays only video and no audio

In this case, it is most likely that the audio IC of the internal speakers would have failed and in some rare cases, the external speakers would not be working properly, which can be easily fixed. Nowadays, these issues have become more common as they use inexpensive low-powered amplifier ICs that heat up and fail in a very little span.

TV not connecting to WiFi

If your Mitashi TV is not connecting to WiFi, then the first step is to check the problem whether it is in the TV or the router. If your TV has no issue connecting with your mobile phone then probably the fault would be in the router. To further check and solve the problem contact Bharat Smart TV Repairs.

So, choose Bharat Smart TV Repairs to have a professional and experienced technician to solve the problem in your Mitashi LED LCD TV. We also provide a 100% guarantee post-repair in Bangalore with affordable prices which will save your crucial time and money. You can always be tension-free by picking us.
To avail of the best services for your Mitashi LED LCD TV in Bangalore just register your problem or the issue that you are facing in the television at our website and the qualified professional engineers will contact you. Once our team reaches your home they will handle the issue professionally and would explain the reason behind it, so that you can get a clear picture of what we would be doing to your Mitashi TV to resolve the issue.
We have many years of experience in the field of Mitashi LED LCD TV Repair and we are one of the entrusted TV repairs by numerous people in Bangalore.

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