LED, LCD TV Repair Services Kammanahalli

TV Repair Services Kamanahalli

LCD, LED TV Repair Kamanahalli

Bharat TV services provide professional repair services for LED & LCD tv’s in Kamanahalli, Bangalore. The TV repair services are provided by seasoned technicians who are trained and certified on the LCD & LED televisions of all brands. We make sure that extra parts used in repairing the LED televisions are original. Our TV repair services are provided on all minor and major issues. We give an expected time and delivery to the client. Our goal is to deliver TV repair service with perfection, to the customers in Kamanahalli.

We have the largest technical service experts in our team. We service more than 100 LED & LCD repairs in a day. We have more than 2 years of experience in the market of Bangalore.

The services provided by Bharath TV are with great earnest and passion, enhancing the reliability within the customers. We provide our customers with perfectly integrated TV repair home service at Kamanahalli. Our team has a clear focus on providing good quality service with affordable prices, which makes our customers highly satisfied.

We undertake repairing for all kinds of LCD & LED tv brands like Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic, Philips, Sanyo, TCL. We are specialists in LED & LCD tv repairing in Kamanahalli, Bangalore.

Different Types of Television in the Indian Market

There are 4 types of TV’s accessible in the Indian market. They are: LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), LED (Light Emitting Diode), Plasma TV, and the most up to date OLED TV (Organic Light Emitting Diode).

Common Issues with LED TV

Following are the most common issues identified with LED TV’s around the world.

1. LED TV Screen goes black

In this case, probably the power supply unit inside the LED tv is likely to have issues.The power supply unit receives the current and delivers it to the other parts of the LED tv. The power supply unit creates issues because of an abrupt flood in input supply.

The capacitors in the power supply sheet fall flat. When trying to dismantle the LED tv set, one could confirm this by identifying a spilling or protruding capacitor. These are basic issues in the present day LED televisions, hence the repair could be done speedily.

2. Horizontal lines on Startup

In this case, the cause of the problem is low signal strength in the set top box cable that’s connected to the LED tv. The same cable if connected to an older television, the issue may not arise because for older TV sets, only a lower input strength is required to work. For modern LED tv sets, a stronger input signal is required. Thus, for modern LED tv’s, switching to a HD set-top box will most probably rectify the problem.

3. Wifi not connected to LED TV

The first step is to identify if the problem is from the TV or the router. If the TV has no problems in connecting to your mobile device then there must be some fault with the router.

Issues that are recognized for a TV Repair

1. Backlight illumination issue

Backlight illumination is one of the most widely identified and happening issues of LED’s, nowadays. In this issue, the backdrop illumination activity of LED tv doesn’t function properly. It’s a basic issue in every LED screen, nowadays. In some cases, it could be due to misusing, electric vacillation or rebooting.

2. PCB (Printed Circuit Board)

PCB is basically known to be the main board of television. In other words, it’s the mother board of any television set. It controls the full functionality of the television. It’s programmed to control the total supply of input and output like video, audio, VGA, graphics, color, multimedia, processing, cooling, connectivity, power, software operation, networking and core memory. Hence, it is the main system operator of television.

3. T-Con Board

T-Con board refers to timing control board. It basically does all the video controlling tasks. This board controls the entire mode of the display screen.

Bharath TV Policies

Following are the Bharat TV policies;
  • Management is entitled to ask for additional time for re-delivery if the parts are not readily available. Because, we don’t take any biased parts from the local market.
  • In case the warranty is not claimed on time, it becomes void
  • In order to avail re-service, customers are required to provide a warranty card during the time they claim warranty.
  • Appointment can’t be cancelled once the technician reaches the place. Before delivering technician, we re-confirm if the technician has to be sent.
  • In case your television is under manufacturing warranty, Bharath TV will not entertain any repairs. The manufacturing warranty will be taken as cancelled.
  • Our operations are limited to TV repair only. We don’t sell, exchange or purchase any TV.
  • Pricing of TV repair service is purely based on the damage components, service charges and transportation charges. Our prices are usually economical.

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